Don't Let Termites Chew Through Your Home or Building

Don't Let Termites Chew Through Your Home or Building

Schedule a termite extermination ASAP

We have subterranean termites in this part of Texas. The worst time of year is in the spring, but you can be faced with a termite infestation at any time. That's why Top-O-Texas Termite & Pest Control, Inc provides residential and commercial termite services year-round.

Once we've removed termites from your property, we'll spray and inject the wood with chemicals to prevent a future infestation. We'll come back in a year to make sure your home or facility is still termite-free.

Call 940-766-1331 right now for more information on our services. We offer yearly contracts for your convenience.

Why hire us for the job?

Termites can cause serious property damage. Our goal at Top-O-Texas Termite & Pest Control is to prevent that from happening. When you hire us, we'll:

  • Drill into and treat infested wood.
  • Treat underneath the house.
  • Revisit your property later as a preventive measure.

Get the termite services you need before the situation worsens. Contact us right now to set up an appointment.